/////////////////////////////////// Was bringt mir meine Liebe, wenn du sie nicht spürst? ___________ ‹3

`bout me me me

hii :]

My name is Amelie

i live in Germany, in a very small town called Köln xD

i have big plans for my future.

i'm single ;]

i love to smile and i love to see when my friends are happy it makes me happy too.

i can be complicated... so you have to life with =D

i want to make all perfect but i know that i cant.

i try to be nice if i dont know the person but i don’t like everyone.

When i love something, i obsesse over it.

My Friends are everything for me

i love the rain,winter,cold days and days with a certain smell.

i love music.i love to sing.

My friends know they are everything to me

if you unfriendly to me, i will completely ignore you.

i get along with anyone nd everyone if i want to.

i like to dance around the house when no ones in.

i always want what i can’t have.

I love pic comments and comments ^^

im very lazy so dont hate me if i dont write back :[

And now add me and talk to me. bye x]

I'm incredibly sweet.

I'm incredibly shy.

And I..m too self-confident.

Love me yet?

I love to draw.

I love to write.

Big suprise.

I hate obsessive boys.

They annoy me.

No, I will not give you my Msn.

Unless you make me blush. *grins a little*

Hello Kitty is cute.

But I'm cuter.

I may be shy. But I will speak

my mind. Thank you very much.

DoN't TypE LykE DIs

Don't you ever make me cry. Ever.

If I am crying, please, cheer me up.

Don't say 'I like your pics' unless you mean it.

And, if I don't even know your name, don't say I'm gorgeous.

I live in Cologne. Yeah. I know.

I love bunnies.

Expexially this one>>

I love colors. ?.

I'm not Emo.

I wear tight pants. =]

I have many familiar problems...

Don't pity me.

I regret too much.


[I say sorry too much]

I..m afraid of Kitties =(


Ever hear of ninjas?

Yeah. That's all me.

I'll never die.


Green is my favorite color.

I hate pain.

Don't ever leave me alone.

I cry too easily.


Books rock my socks.

Jeah I´m a poser don´t judge me! :]


If I like someone and I have a good day I can..t stop speaking.

I..m sorry but that..s me!


Pics von meiner Wenigkeit <-- Das ist ein Link ihr scheiß noobs xDD


Jeah tut mir leid wenn ich jetzt enttäuschen muss

aber ich bin KEIN emO







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I don't care –
Care if it's old.
I don't mind -
Mind. I don't have a mind.
Get away -
Way, way from your home.
I'm afraid –
Afraid, ghost!

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